Sunday, 18 November 2012

You've Got Mail

You've Got Mail

So I was watching You've Got Mail
and thinking about what a fail
that had been in the past
Back then I thought it might last, 
but hey, that's all in the past.

Still, it was nice for while,
to share stories and to beguile
each other with ideas and dreams
ah nothing in life is ever as it seems.

But no matter, for I'm fickle you see
today I like you,
but that's hardly a guarantee
tomorrow I''ll forget
and like a fading silhouette
you'll disappear
and I'll still be here...

I'm fickle you see,
this keeps me free.
This keeps me, me.

Though from time to time
I must admit I find
myself wondering where you are
near or far
and what you're doing
and what you're thinking too.
Yeah, I do 
sometimes I think about you.

But I'm fickle, don't forget
I regret to say 
that I fall in love with 
someone new every day
That isn't love, you're right. 
Nah, that's just some kind of plight. 

I'm fickle, you say
but hey, 
one day...
who knows I might find
one of a kind... 
someone perfectly aligned
to me.

I'm fickle, I regret- 
perhaps it's just cos I haven't met
the right person yet...