Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Oh Pakistan!

Oh Pakistan!

Oh Pakistan!
What have they done to you?
The powers that oppress through
drone attacks and military precision
Let it be known, 
it was never our decision.

Oh Pakistan!
Scars are etched across your land
from the mountainous North
to the Southern arid sands.
You bleed. 

Oh Pakistan!
A nation once so beautiful and so calm
Is now fraught with trouble
Is now ridden with harm.

Let us confess,
Oh Pakistan-
you are a mess!

Oh Pakistan!
A necessity they say
 A necessity that always ends 
the same way
every time,
history bears witness
to all these crimes
against humanity.

The killing field,
Will this pain ever be healed?
the scores of dead.

daughters and sisters and mothers
sons and brothers and fathers.

Is one white life
worth a thousand brown?
She asked me one day,
with a frown...
Oh Pakistan!

Oh Pakistan!
We continue to fight
For what is right
For justice, freedom, peace.
For this enduring conflict to cease...