Friday, 30 November 2012

Sy's Poems

Hi guys, I realise that my photo-blog had become more of a scrap-blog lately and so have decided to create a new space to post my poems... I've been writing quite a lot lately, on buses, at the Museum, wherever and thought it would we good to have somewhere to save and share these.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

For another world...

Floating Words #5

My kingdom is not of this world. I'm not here to rule-over people. My mothers traumatized by my accent, but when I go back to South Africa it's only a matter of time before I get it back my bru! Hey stranger, I’m going to be in December for a play of mine. Any chance you’ll be around?  It would be great to see you. And an Israelite went to collect firewood on Sabbath. I knew you had something, that's why I put you forward.

I got discharged. I got to go Catford. I've come from Springfield. Have you heard the story about the mathematics bridge! So you would be working evenings mainly, 6 or 8pm till 12. It's a great place to work and you get loads of benefits! What will you have? We travelled around the East Coast and the West Coast, my dad's a historian, he's interested in battlefields, and most of them took place in National Parks. The re-enactments were strange. Speed! I'm going back tonight, I'll ring for you before I leave. They're so dedicated, these wildlife photographers! We actually live in London, we're just up here for the day. They both became prophets at the age of fourteen. 

'trees are poems...'

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” 
― Kahlil Gibran

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Another Springfield Fugitive

Another Springfield Fugitive

I was sitting in Pret,
one wet and windy day,
in Fulham Broadway.
I was drinking tea
when he came towards me
I'm free, I heard him bellow
this crazed anonymous fellow-
I was discharged
from Springfield
no longer will I wield
to the guardsmen,
in that battlefield
I thought- how strange
was he really rendered free,
or was he just another 
Springfield escapee?
and how strange to cross paths
with another bummer,
another outlaw, another outpatient-
another runner.

Springfield, I asked him,
in Tooting?
I was routing
for him
for some reason
I was routing
for this coffee shop bogeyman
I was sectioned, came his reply.
But why?
My time came,
I was set free-
Three chances,
I need to get back
to Catford...
I took some coins
from my pocket
and handed them to him
and he left-
bereft, and grateful

But by giving him 70p
would I help him to see
the light?
Or would he just scare
the living day-lights
out of ordinary people,
people like you and I
and everyone we know?

mad one.
Run away from here,
but don't scare

Hmm but maybe,
I should have asked him-
What's in Catford son-
That made you want to run
away? -don't lie.
And why
am I
tasked with you're escape?
Break free-
return, by turning
back now.
But how?

I remembered when
he had killed a man,
another Springfield escapee
who had been 'set free'-
By a herd of deer
in Richmond Park.
I wondered then,
who lent him the money
to get there-
life is funny
but in a sad way.
we learn
from our mistakes.
-these silent aches,
may they not break

Once a friend
on the mend
went into Springfield
she escaped too
they brought her back,
 in a police car
-scars were visible
she wanted to take her bones for a run
She did what she thought had to be done!
Without a penny to her name- she escaped,
and traipsed around Tooting Town.

What a strange world!

I know another who went in,
and did not come out the same
she did not remain herself,
she became someone else
a shell of her former self,
She became,
someone I didn't know
or recognise. 

So many have walked
through the gates of Springfield-
names I cannot name
for they must remain
But I swear,
they were there-
they were all there
and they all come out altered
-and they faltered perhaps
those women and men
in lab-coats
I mean, 
who knows what they did to them, 
help, brand or render them

Out-patients of this world, 
outlast them-
you can love. 

These Plans

These Plans

She crams
her notebook
full of plans
for the future
but the future
is forever
out of her hands
because whatever lands
her way
finds a way
of slipping away.
See plans
they mutate
and forever
they frustrate!
But this time,
I can't afford
to be wrong.
are made to be broken
but they awaken
within one
ideas that spiral
into the abyss
and whisk
one away
to an unreachable place.
And still, everyday
in extraodinary ways
she finds a way
of living,
for special people
and they 
make life

Friday, 23 November 2012


A friend and I got the train up to Cambridge today. It was great! We went punting, explored the colleges, hung about the town centre and checked out the Museum of Zoology and the Fitzwilliam Museum. Cambridge is such a magical place- the architecture, the history, the stories of people who have come and gone, from Allama Iqbal to William Wordsworth...

Thursday, 22 November 2012

To Die Alone

This poem was inspired by an article I read about the mugging and subsequent death of Paula Castle, may she rest in peace.

To Die Alone

Oh selfish world, so cruel and unkind
I'll be happy to finally be leaving you behind
and maybe I'll find peace where I'm going
for there's none here;
on this cold earth, there's only fear,
for what the days and nights may bring.
I won't cling
to life any more...

He died- my son, my husband too
They left me here alone, it's true.
And alone I have been
and alone I have felt
and alone I have dealt
with the blows life have brung 
and quiet and stoic, I've hung
out my clothes to dry,
along with so many hopes
that had gone awry...

Long ago I stopped speaking to people,
for they don't understand or care
empathy has always been rare.
I never let it show
the slow
agony of a solitary life
I never watched him grow
He never watched me age
I felt so much rage
build inside over the years
how many silent tears
have fallen down these 
weathered cheeks

For it's these tears that have made me
partially blind,
and when they pushed me,
to the ground
I couldn't breathe, 
I couldn't see,
I couldn't find

I was so scared
I heard a young boy,
his voice cold
he told
me to give him my bag
But I didn't have time,
a trick of the mind
I thought
but suddenly, 
with one swift push
I fell and
my head hit the concrete
it was a lowly defeat.

...and as I lay alone, I hissed
Am I going to die like this?
Is this really how it's going to end?
I needed to lend
myself the strength
But I didn't have any left.
The ground was so cold
and I was so old
right there, I watched my life unfold
before me...

And as I lay
shook and afraid
the brightness of the sun,
half blinded this blind soul
Life had taken it's toll.

I leave behind this world. 
I don't know it any more
these streets, these crimes,
what are they all for?

Long ago I tore myself away
from the cruelness of life
I kept myself to myself
but strife
found it's way back to me
and in this cold alley
I lay dying
and silently crying to myself
is this the end?

Monday, 19 November 2012

He Guards the Ocean

Floating Words #4

Floating Words #4

Check it out, the forest has become our cloakroom, our bags and coats are hanging all over the place! Which agency are you with? I'll pass on your message. I'm trying to buy a house, the council is demolishing ours because they're building a train line. I'll be glad when it's over! I've been trying to sort out some jam sessions, I want to get back into my writing. He travelled across the lands, giving up everything he had in his quest for truth. I went to the Gaza protest with your sister. And he said, I was busy in the toils of slavery- here he was, the student of a dying breed of holy bishops, the son of a village leader, now betrayed and sold off as a slave. I've been waiting my whole life for this! Can you imagine how difficult it must have been for him, how lonely he must have felt, Salman Al Farsi, to be lost in translation, to be homesick, to endure the struggles he had to endure for his search for the truth, and look at us. Just look at us now! And the prophet SAW said to him 'free yourself'.

This fire is hypnotizing, I thought I was the only one, but everyone's just staring at it. I have all this pent up rage, and so when I come out here I just let it all out. I went to Butterfly World in St Albans, but it was too nice, it was too proper. Damien Hurst is a bit of an idiot. Behind the Scenes at the Museum of Baked Beans? Get well soon dear. Was it the church? I think the last time I saw you was this time last year. How did your travels go? You've been all over the place lately! It's the best thing I ever did. The tow path is flooded, you might get stuck up ahead. We could go to Dover or Cambridge? It's a beautiful day for a walk. But what were you doing in Sutton? 

The name's Ernest. Sure take some photos. If only I was better dressed right now! It was nice to meet you. Do you have your library card? Let's go to Erith and check out the old pirate ships. I'm going in less than a month can you believe? What are your plans now? I'll be back around June. I'm going to miss you. Well I'm working for Muslim Aid now, in PR. They call me the darkie, even though I'm half-white. You know I feel more like myself when I'm around coloured people. I mean they'll never accept me, even my own family is racist towards me. Oh dear, she said, are you putting on that burka now that we're going out? I might come visit you at Natural History Museum. Let's go for a walk along the Saxon Shore Way, by the Isle of Sheppey. I got an OS map! You were in Kingston and you didn't tell me? We have to search for guidance and that means moving away from the things that keep us from being good people. I mean how many times do we know the truth yet fail to accept it?

To be a Bird

To be a Bird

Days like this
I wish
I was a bird
and unheard
I could fly
across the sky
I wish
I could tear
myself away
from here
not out of fear
but out of sheer
and hope
for something good
for something better.
If only I could
fly away
if only light
would shine my way
but alas I remain
a stowaway
For its understood
that people can't be birds
and birds can't be people
but oh how I'd love to
soar like an eagle 
scream like a parakeet 
and do you know
how fast cygnets grow
flamingos mostly stand tall
and cranes rarely fall
to the ground
iridescent wildfowl
feathers so fine and
owls stay awake
for the sake
of being
so free.
Oh to be
-to be a bird
and to see
the world from above
to live life like a dove.
On days like this
I wish
I was a bird

Sunday, 18 November 2012

You've Got Mail

You've Got Mail

So I was watching You've Got Mail
and thinking about what a fail
that had been in the past
Back then I thought it might last, 
but hey, that's all in the past.

Still, it was nice for while,
to share stories and to beguile
each other with ideas and dreams
ah nothing in life is ever as it seems.

But no matter, for I'm fickle you see
today I like you,
but that's hardly a guarantee
tomorrow I''ll forget
and like a fading silhouette
you'll disappear
and I'll still be here...

I'm fickle you see,
this keeps me free.
This keeps me, me.

Though from time to time
I must admit I find
myself wondering where you are
near or far
and what you're doing
and what you're thinking too.
Yeah, I do 
sometimes I think about you.

But I'm fickle, don't forget
I regret to say 
that I fall in love with 
someone new every day
That isn't love, you're right. 
Nah, that's just some kind of plight. 

I'm fickle, you say
but hey, 
one day...
who knows I might find
one of a kind... 
someone perfectly aligned
to me.

I'm fickle, I regret- 
perhaps it's just cos I haven't met
the right person yet...

Human Kindness

Human Kindness

I was feeling so alone
on the night bus home
and I was feeling so unwell 
so I pressed the bell 
and got off... 

God guide me, I prayed 
I could feel myself fade 

But then a stranger spoke to me
her words full of warmth and glory
I healed 
as she sealed 
within me, a sense of comfort. 

God, those words helped me through
-so pure, so true. 

Thank you Lord for human kindness
Thank you Lord for giving me guidance.

Christmas at Oxford Circus

Christmas as Oxford Circus

It is a strange and beautiful thing
to people watch at Oxford Circus
and it is indeed a circus
graced with colourful neon lights
that sparkle so bright
and filled with wildly interesting characters
lion-tamers and tight-rope walkers
beggars and thieves and jugglers and clowns
and fashionista's wearing golden crowns
together evoking from the crowd
frowns and smiles and laughter so loud
on the roads, the traffic builds too
as those red buses travel through
the city at night, 
this circus is forever swarming with life.
and fighting they're way through the streets
the people, searching for material treats
human needs-
they can be so trivial
it's not long before she retreats...

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Goodbye Friend

Goodbye Friend

Goodbye friend
this is it, this is the end
of us- 
no fuss, 
for there's no where left 
for it to go-
 you know, 
it's time,
to part ways
you're always, 
so far away- 
I'll stay away 
from you friend
this it is 
this is the end. 
don't send 
me your words
fly away
and I don't want to stray
and don't smile
you know, 
for me, you are a trial. 
And speak to me not-
I never forgot, 
don't think I ever did
get rid
of the ideas you
you planted in my head
Well read. 
It was nice to share
our ideas, our fears
and our spheres
of existing. 
friend, this is it 
this is the end.

Friday, 16 November 2012

The Rush Hour Dreamer

                     The Rush Hour Dreamer

The morning sun rises,
over the city of London
one cold November's day,
and you're torn,
from the solitude of sleep
as you switch off your alarm
stay calm
and get ready,
for the day.

You leave
and so do they
and slowly the tube
fills with suits
Go on, and shine-  
You have a story to share
but you never dare
to look him in the eye

He does,
He looks
and he yearns
and he learns
from you,
the people
of the city too.
across the platform
you will find him
standing, waiting, 
stories in his mind
you will find
he's always there
amidst the warmth
of the crowd-
the train,
a place to regain

Life is fraught
with injury
he thought
every morning-
and every morning
you're throwing it away
sleepwalking from day to day
playing games,
twiddling thumbs
he hums
to himself.
So am I. 
So let us waste 
the days, together 
these tethers chain us 
of social conformity
different forms 
of being.
Let us break these bounds
that confound

You saw him
twice, thrice
a million times.

What a strange thing,
rush hour on the tube.
With nowhere to go
 he grows!
He grows and ages
with the changing of paces
and the changing of lines-
black and yellow and blue
and so do you. 

He never misses his train
for his train of thought
departs with it.
The rush hour dreamer
alone, is prone
to outbursts, 
yet- in a crowd
remains unknown...

Hutchinson's Bank Work Day

I went along to a London Wildlife Trust workday at Hutchinson's Bank today after quite a long time. It was great to see some familiar faces and to get involved in practical conservation work again (mainly shrub clearance, small tree felling and wood burning.)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

To Wander Lonely as a Cloud

I decided to go for a long walk today, so I set off under the sun, with no set destination in mind. I ended up getting a bus to Merton Abbey and walked along the River Wandle, past the animal farm and across the tramline to Morden Wetlands, I then followed the path up to Morden Hall Park. 

From Morden I jumped on and off a few random buses, until I finally ended up in Kingston. I started walking again by the River Thames towards Richmond (last time I went the other way towards Hampton Court). It was a beautiful walk! I wandered though Ham Lands Nature Reserve, past Teddington Lock, the towpath was flooded towards Richmond and on the recommendation of a friendly local, I ended up walking towards the town and getting another bus. I had a lovely day, in the company of many birds and insects and trees...and the autumn colours looked striking!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Chahoonga Main Tujhe

Sickly London Sky

Sickly London Sky

thousands of tear-drops
soar from the sickly grey sky
from such a great height
diffusing its malady 
a heavy sadness
and a certain madness
its way into us all
and I can feel it inside-
and there's nowhere to hide-
for this sinking watery sky 
seeps within-
But the clouds will thin
and dissipate- 
(perhaps wash clean)
and irrigate
growth will follow
but till then 
we must wallow
we must wallow
in this sorrow
for today 
the London sky 
is a sickly grey...

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Classic Trailers

Harold and Maude
I first saw this film about six or seven years ago and loved it- the quirky characters, the story, the script and the excellent soundtrack...most of all I loved Harold's dark and morbid sense of humour...

The Devil and Daniel Johnston
This is another brilliant film which tells the incredible story of the artist, Daniel Johnston. Def worth the watch.

The Essence of Tooting #1

I recently started working on a new photography project, The Essence of Tooting, which I thought might be quite interesting! Over the next few months, I'll be taking a lot of pictures in and around Tooting, pictures which seek to capture the true essence of the town. By the end of the project I'll hopefully pick out ten of the best and most revealing images and write a short photo-essay on them and on what they say about Tooting. I'm really excited about this project! I think it will be a great way to re-explore the inner most depths of Tooting and maybe make some new friends too! 

So today I stumbled across this very interesting shop in Tooting Market. It was full of African masks, drums, jewellery, crystal vases, minerals and stones, Egyptian relics and all sorts of interesting books about ancient healing, spirituality and faith. I got talking to the owner, a chap named Ernest for a while. He was a really lovely guy and shared a lot of interesting information with me!
His Shop

Friday, 9 November 2012

Brian Cook's Landscapes of Britain

I stumbled across this beautiful book yesterday called 'Brian Cook's Landscapes of Britain' at the London Transport Museum shop and decided on a whim to buy it. I'm really glad I did, it's a fantastic little book full of some really stunning images. 

'The illustrations of Brian Cook from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s are iconic. Showcasing British life from the Scottish Islands to London Markets, from Wiltshire farms to the rugged Lake District, this is the most comprehensive collection of his work to date. It features quintessential images of  Britain, it's villages, castles, churches, cottages and countryside, revealing the timeless beauty of the British landscape.' 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Mr Bean at Covent Garden

I came by the wonderful Mr Bean in Covent Garden today...

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Oh Pakistan!

Oh Pakistan!

Oh Pakistan!
What have they done to you?
The powers that oppress through
drone attacks and military precision
Let it be known, 
it was never our decision.

Oh Pakistan!
Scars are etched across your land
from the mountainous North
to the Southern arid sands.
You bleed. 

Oh Pakistan!
A nation once so beautiful and so calm
Is now fraught with trouble
Is now ridden with harm.

Let us confess,
Oh Pakistan-
you are a mess!

Oh Pakistan!
A necessity they say
 A necessity that always ends 
the same way
every time,
history bears witness
to all these crimes
against humanity.

The killing field,
Will this pain ever be healed?
the scores of dead.

daughters and sisters and mothers
sons and brothers and fathers.

Is one white life
worth a thousand brown?
She asked me one day,
with a frown...
Oh Pakistan!

Oh Pakistan!
We continue to fight
For what is right
For justice, freedom, peace.
For this enduring conflict to cease...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Life on a Lease

Yet another poor excuse for a poem...
Life on a Lease

Most days, life eludes me,
no matter what, I just can't seem to be
in a place that makes sense to me.
Still- I'm young, they say
don't they know
that I'm getting older each day.
And that life is no guarantee;
death waits for no one, you see.

This dream
like a thread in a seam
is slowly coming undone.
Yet, I can't run.
I can't run 
for I must stay away...
from you,
for ten thousand days- 
at least.
Go east! She says.  
How can I? 

So here I am working in this shop
selling toy dino's and coloured rocks. 
She mocks...
...I've done quite a lot?

ten jobs,
nine courses,
eight epiphanies,
seven cities,
six colleges,
five exhibitions,
four countries,
three books,
two souls,
and this-
eternal struggle
to withdraw myself, from myself.

See in these long and lonely years
I've conquered so many of my fears.
Yet so many remain

-the same.  

I've travelled a bit
and like a bird I've flit
from place to place
in somewhat of a daze.
I've walked with the pilgrims
and the peacekeepers.
I've met many angels
and a few grim reapers.

But I'm weary now
So weary now. 
I'm weary of always moving
I'm weary of forever moving
back and forth
from here to there
from crowd to crowd
from place to place
always with this smile
on my face.

See I've searched inside my soul
But there's this hole
and it won't go way.
Sometimes it's so hard
to keep these feelings at bay.

I never know what I'll get,
with this dice I roll.
Now I have this odd job,
then I was on the dole-
for a week.
I seek. 
Yet still I seek.
A cause, a life, a love, a dream.


A dream made true. 
Maybe a few.... 
Yet what I really seek
is this-
Purpose. Meaning. Peace.

For this short life
is on a lease...

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Lamb

The Lamb

I see your face every night
so beautiful and so bright
yet your face grieves me to no end
it brings back memories that won't relent.

Why can't you leave me to myself?
Why do you put me through this hell?
With your beauty and brightness, you blind me.
With your beauty and brightness, you remind me
of who I really am.
You were the lamb.
I was the butcher.
I sacrificed you
-the blood I drew!

In this world, is nothing true?

One Day

One Day

I'm twenty-three now
and I still can't understand how;
I have arrived here.

See time chugs forth like a train
And yet right here is where I remain
in the shadows of my past


All I've ever wanted was to be free
yet by an increasing number of degrees
 on every day and in every way-
I slip further and further and further away.

One day, I pray I'll find my way. 

One day I'll find-
these words still ring in my mind,
as I go further astray...
One day. One day. One day.

I pray-  
One day I'll find my way.
Back to You-

(...and not just for a waylay,
but for the long stay.)  

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Tottenham Hale to Waltham Abbey

A friend and I walked about eight miles along the River Lea yesterday from Tottenham Hale to Waltham Abbey. It was a really interesting walk! On our way we passed Tottenham and Rammey Marshes, a bus graveyard, a few derelict sites, some tower blocks, a load of pylons, a couple of locks, a great deal of decorated boats, some quirky signage, one waste plant and one glorious abbey. 

Wildlife wise- we spotted a few jays, some coots, swans, herons and moorhens. We also came by many sheep and muddied horses- and as ever, some interesting characters!

Ye Weird Country....

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The End of the World

The End of the World

I had the strangest dream the other night,
I dreamed the world was ending.
Streets were full and nothing seemed right
All about people were fending
off their demons, their regrets and their fears
and the doubts they had collected over many years.

Suitcases fell from the sky with such might.
Some heavy, some weighty and some light,
Tagged with different names and different places.
Departures were nigh- to those allocated spaces.

I fought my way through the crowds,
Searching all around, your voice was so loud!
The sun drew close and the earth grew hot,
So I took my bag and made my way to my rightful spot-
On the plains of Arafat, we were to wait
In hopes of receiving a blessed fate.

I never got to say goodbye
to my comrades, my blood, to the Lord so High

I never got the chance to say sorry,
amidst the chaos and the madness.
The end of the world came
and brought with it an enduring sadness.

I had the strangest dream the other night
I dreamed the world was ending.
I awoke with such a dreadful fright
And realised then, that my souls needs mending.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Shall we...?

Floating Words #3

Floating Words #3

My God, It's been years! I'm working at Boots now- I'm doing my pre-reg in Optometry. It's funny, back home they all think I'm an eye doctor! You wouldn't guess who I saw on the tube- Miss Lecky. And I was thinking about her that very morning. There's this whole segment in my life that I've blocked out. We made it! I could stay stay stay, if that’s what you want want want. I'll see what banana performance ideas we can come up with between us. And he asked me if I was a Northern lass! He's doing his phD, can you believe that! And he's only a year older than me! So what have you been up these last few years? She's working for KMPG. And Al's got a job at Halifax. It was nice seeing you too! Excuse me, how much is this? Do you know where the nearest tube station is? That's where we're going! I can come pick you up on Sunday. I'll drop you off in the morning. She's a solicitor. His CV is so glamorized, he could get a job as a prime minister! 

If you like quaint, you should visit Tenterden. We came here from Dover! I have to lie here on my face all day so that the gas bubble gets absorbed. I can't look up. I can't go out. I can't read. I can't watch TV. I'm doing the monkey rounds again. I just lie down on my face all day. We're so proud of you. And I can't fly until the gas in my eye evaporates. I need petrol! I never used to care what people thought of me. I don't want to fail. I'm going to fail. What if I fail? What if I fail? I'm going to fail. What did you do today? Stay here, don't go back. I'll miss you. I'm reading Night Train to Lisbon, it's so enigmatic. I was up in Northampton- I'm here all week, if I stayed the weekends too, I'd go mad! She's an occupational therapist, most of them are. Jimmy Savile had his own room here, you know. Dinoshop and Dietician- it will never work! 

Please don't get lost! We're looking for it too! Where's the exhibition? Where are the nearest toilets? I can't believe you made me go to Chicken Cottage, I've been here forever and I've never been to Chicken Cottage. I'm going to wait outside. Okay, alright, I'll drive you to the bloody forest! Look at that moon, it is beautiful! Mine are too short. Imagine eternity, doesn't seem that long. They say nothing lasts forever. We'll have to prove them wrong. I also suggested to my brother that he might come and play his sax as an accompaniment - not imagining he would be interested - but he got back asking me for more details -so you never know! What is your relationship is with your Lord, do you pray, where are you in life...

Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you! I'm from Isleworth...from Fulham...from Acton. I keep stepping on the kids. I've been here for a couple years... for a few started off as a summer Easter job... I was only supposed to be here for a while... Aap kya storia lihkty rety ho? Just follow that lady. It's my first day too. She didn't sound okay at all. I can vouch for her. So what are your plans? Any plans? Any plans? Any old bath tubs? Any plans? ...there's a long stretch of old railway and remains of a canal, both great wildlife corridors... I can't believe how much fish pie you consumed! Tea? You meet a lot of people here who you might not normally meet, scientists and biologists and palaeontologists. It's so good to see you! What part of forever, don't you understand? You know, sometimes I wish I was an ape.

It's essence

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012

I got a chance to check out the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in my break today (one of the perks of working at the Museum). It was brilliant! I've had animals on my mind since reading Life of Pi and this just brought some of Yann Martel's marvellous ideas to life! There's just so much we can learn from the creatures we share this Earth with. Here are just a few of my favourite pictures from the exhibition.