Sunday, 22 February 2015

Remembering Fay

A few years ago, I received this book The Oldest Road: The Ridgeway from a friend and fell in love with Fay Godwins evocative black and white landscape photographs... <See Fay's Pictures> Her work has since inspired many of my own black and white landscape collections and following a recent walk in the downs, I traced some of my old (and new) photos and rediscovered Fays'--- there's something really beautiful in her way of seeing... Black and white seems to capture the timelessness of the landscapes-- solitude & longing, simplicity & depth. Here are some of my own B&W's


Tear Drops in a Dew Pond

"she wiped them away and let them drip down the tips of her fingers and into the dew pond..."

"the sky had almost completely faded into darkness, the stars shone and the moon looked brighter than she'd ever seen it. She couldn't make out the sheep clearly any more, they looked like dark otherworldly beings and the crystal waters of the dew pond, usually so clear and inviting, now looked sinister and dark- like an abyss, a black hole- she was afraid to fall into it..."

I visited a dew pond, it wasn't Edna's... but it reminded me of her story... it reminded me of teardrops in a dew pond:

Jack & Jill Windmills & Ditchling Beacon


Motorway Reveries

Radio Days


Light on Glass

Flying People