Friday, 2 November 2012

Floating Words #3

Floating Words #3

My God, It's been years! I'm working at Boots now- I'm doing my pre-reg in Optometry. It's funny, back home they all think I'm an eye doctor! You wouldn't guess who I saw on the tube- Miss Lecky. And I was thinking about her that very morning. There's this whole segment in my life that I've blocked out. We made it! I could stay stay stay, if that’s what you want want want. I'll see what banana performance ideas we can come up with between us. And he asked me if I was a Northern lass! He's doing his phD, can you believe that! And he's only a year older than me! So what have you been up these last few years? She's working for KMPG. And Al's got a job at Halifax. It was nice seeing you too! Excuse me, how much is this? Do you know where the nearest tube station is? That's where we're going! I can come pick you up on Sunday. I'll drop you off in the morning. She's a solicitor. His CV is so glamorized, he could get a job as a prime minister! 

If you like quaint, you should visit Tenterden. We came here from Dover! I have to lie here on my face all day so that the gas bubble gets absorbed. I can't look up. I can't go out. I can't read. I can't watch TV. I'm doing the monkey rounds again. I just lie down on my face all day. We're so proud of you. And I can't fly until the gas in my eye evaporates. I need petrol! I never used to care what people thought of me. I don't want to fail. I'm going to fail. What if I fail? What if I fail? I'm going to fail. What did you do today? Stay here, don't go back. I'll miss you. I'm reading Night Train to Lisbon, it's so enigmatic. I was up in Northampton- I'm here all week, if I stayed the weekends too, I'd go mad! She's an occupational therapist, most of them are. Jimmy Savile had his own room here, you know. Dinoshop and Dietician- it will never work! 

Please don't get lost! We're looking for it too! Where's the exhibition? Where are the nearest toilets? I can't believe you made me go to Chicken Cottage, I've been here forever and I've never been to Chicken Cottage. I'm going to wait outside. Okay, alright, I'll drive you to the bloody forest! Look at that moon, it is beautiful! Mine are too short. Imagine eternity, doesn't seem that long. They say nothing lasts forever. We'll have to prove them wrong. I also suggested to my brother that he might come and play his sax as an accompaniment - not imagining he would be interested - but he got back asking me for more details -so you never know! What is your relationship is with your Lord, do you pray, where are you in life...

Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you! I'm from Isleworth...from Fulham...from Acton. I keep stepping on the kids. I've been here for a couple years... for a few started off as a summer Easter job... I was only supposed to be here for a while... Aap kya storia lihkty rety ho? Just follow that lady. It's my first day too. She didn't sound okay at all. I can vouch for her. So what are your plans? Any plans? Any plans? Any old bath tubs? Any plans? ...there's a long stretch of old railway and remains of a canal, both great wildlife corridors... I can't believe how much fish pie you consumed! Tea? You meet a lot of people here who you might not normally meet, scientists and biologists and palaeontologists. It's so good to see you! What part of forever, don't you understand? You know, sometimes I wish I was an ape.