Monday, 27 February 2012

New Blog: Musings of a Restless Soul

'It’s the peace of lying alone by the ocean at the end of it- wind blowing, legs weary, boots muddied, rain coat flaying and thinking and being quiet and free and feeling like despite your weaknesses, mental and physical, you can climb mountains, achieve the unachievable.'

'I feel glad to be part of it, part of the nothing, the performance, the madness, part of this great strange dream. I still live in it. I still feel as though nothing is real, nothing is solid and touchable. I wish I was alive. I wish I was there. How can I ever be, when everything is nothing?'

'How quickly life changes- the way you move on from place to place and you never really get a chance to just think and be and wonder whether you made the right decisions. And whether you actually really do miss it- all those communities and all those faces bereft of light that you left behind in the past and you never went back and you never said goodbye. Since birth, I’ve felt unsettled. And it’s only for brief moments, like waiting for the red lights to change while driving back with D after dark and listening to the sadness of Magic radio that you understand and feel it- that nostalgia, that emptiness and that feeling of absence.' 

I've been thinking about starting up this blog for ages, but have never gotten round to it until now. On this blog I'll be posting passages from my latest book, This Restless Soul, which is made up of journal entries chronicling my spiritual journey. I'll also be sharing my thoughts and observations whilst living in Lahore. :-)