Sunday, 6 October 2013

Studio Life

I took these pictures in South Kilburn Studios.... I love hanging around artist studios. There's something so freeing about being in communal creative space, coming together to just experiment, explore and jam. I think I first really got into the arts when I was at City Lit doing a year long pottery course about six years ago. It was amazing, I would go into class once a week, grab a bag of clay or some glaze and just create and play and muck around and experiment. I think it was my favourite part of my week, just bumming around the pottery studios with the other potters. 

Since then I've spent time in a lot of different studios. Having artist friends for as long as I can remember, I've always found myself hanging about their studios. From Wimbledon Art Studios to Southwark to studios in Bethnal Green and Goldsmiths. There's nothing nicer than just chilling out in a messy colourful space; hanging out with mates, listening to music and creating magic with a whole load of materials at your disposal and then afterwards coming together in a common room to eat with and share and meet other artists. It's pretty cool... I'd love one day to have my own studio... that would be wicked! In the mean time, guess I can always bum around my sisters studio...