Tuesday, 15 October 2013

gone before you got there

oxford street in autumn
wandering around 
after dark
lost in the crowds
lost in thought
deafened by the loud
noises, noises that taught
nuffink to nobody
--------vacuums///////empty vessels
///humans with low levels---
of immaterial understanding-------
yeah, us

oxford street in autumn
i saw you then, 
no I didn't 
I saw you then, 
no I didn't
----------------------------------------gone before you got there------------------------------------
nah, it's too late to go back
but it's too early to go forward
so I'll just stay right here
                                               right where
I am

-------------------oxford street in autumn--------
the arabs they bought them
everything, ever material thing
that ever came into existence
they lost sight 
                                          of what it means to be in existence
and yeah I'd rather be a hippy, seeking
than a plastic male or female doll reeking
of sweet sickly perfume
------don't assume,
 don't make assumptions
-for you came away to soon---
to realise anything......

------------------------gone, before you got there------------