Thursday, 10 October 2013

Kingston to Richmond-----a river walk

A mate and I wandered from Kingston to Richmond along the Thames the other day. It was a really beautiful walk--- amazing company, fascinating conversation, the sun was out, we passed through Canbury Gardens, Ham Lands (adjacent to Eel Pie Island) through Teddington Lock, took a bit of a detour and passed by Ham House....then we had a break in Petersham Meadows where we watched the low planes in the sky as we lay (dejevu, Syon Lane, 2006).... we got up a time later to find that we were surrounded by cows! ...and so we continued on to Richmond via Terrace Gardens and Buccleuch Gardens (bordering the river). When we finally got to Richmond we sat by the river till night fall, the pastel blue skies faded into the darkest shade of purple I ever saw and the obscure waters shone... a really magical day, a life away.../// from reality...

I love the Thames, I feel like I know it like the back of my hand. Over the years I've wandered along so many different parts, from Erith to Hampton Court to Barnes to Thames Ditton to London Bridge to Rotherhithe to Greenwich to Pontoon Dock to Kew and on and on and on.. Every stretch is different... every stretch has a secret to impart---- to figure it out, to gather them all together ----and then to find that the river--- it's actually a mirror into the universe....get me?