Friday, 26 April 2013

Urban Wandering II

Happiness (is) only real when shared- Christopher McCandless

It's been another beautiful week of wandering, in fact I've probably done more wandering than ever before and more slumbering too, urban slumbering. Hmm I think the most glorious part of my week was lying on the grass outside the Tate under a silver birch tree, after a long day at work and watching the sunset in the sky and listening to a busker sing some dusty forgotten songs while watching the sky slowly fade into the most ethereal and soft shade of blue I ever saw, the stars appeared then and the moon, it shone so bright! 

....this week, I've wandered at sunset, at twilight and at nightfall. I've wandered all around, through many nameless places and many places with names too. I've wandered around Embankment,  Blackfriars, through Victoria Embankment Gardens, South Bank, dallied by St Pauls, London Bridge, Borough Market, Temple, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Holborn, Oxford Circus, I've drifted by the river, under bridges, over bridges, under the moon, under the setting sun... London is such a beautiful, beautiful city, the perfect place to just let time slip away... I took my camera along on one of my wanders...