Sunday, 7 April 2013

D.I.Y Cultures (photography)

So I think it's safe to say that D.I.Y Cultures was a massive success. I had a great day- learnt a lot, met loads of cool people and discovered some amazing new talent. A massive well-done to Sofia and Hamja for organising this very ambitious event, (think over seven hundred people came in during the day!) My highlights included the discussions on unemployment and creativity and the talks given by collective Black Fems on punk, art/photography and literature... 

As well as volunteering to man the stalls/ and to help set up, I did manage to do what I was invited to do, take photos! I'm quite happy with how my shots have come out! (though as always, there's much room for improvement for next time) 

I've created an album on photobucket with all the pictures I took of the event, totally feel free to use/ distribute them (esp if you're an exhibitor/ speaker) but please credit to 'sysprints' or 'saira niazi'!

I'm finally beginning to feel a bit like a real photographer, now that I've got an SLR and am being commissioned (albeit without pay) to photograph more and more events. (If anyone is looking for a photographer to document any event, do let me know, I don't charge...) Thanks guys.