Saturday, 6 April 2013

D.I.Y Cultures

My sister Sofia is co-organising the D.I.Y Cultures fair on tomorrow at the Rich Mix... I promised her I would document the event/ take some good photo's! I've always found event photography to be quite daunting and have more often than not come away from an event feeling a bit disappointed with my captures! I really hope tomorrow goes well (for everyone!), and that I manage to take some worthwhile shots! For anyone living in London and is interested in the creative industries,  def worth coming along to this event! More info below-

Rich Mix is hosting the first DIY Cultures fair on Saturday 7th April! It will be a day long festival of zines, artist books, comics and distros. There will be films, animation and video art as well as art exhibitions, workshops and music. We will be celebrating all things independent, autonomous and alternative.

Events include a talk from the Black Feminists, talks on unemployment and creativity, artist-run spaces and prisoner zines as well as DIY workshops throughout the day. You can also join us for a film screening of "DIY or Die" featuring Ian Mckaye of Fugazi & Lydia Lunch.
“DIY culture is about creating alternatives to what is out there, whether it’s news, music or art, and doing it without the need of any experts or a lot of money” Sofia Niazi, DIY Cultures Co-curator

“In spite of blogs, facebook and twitter, zines seem to have had a nationwide comeback. This will showcase the best of alternative and independent activities from all across the UK in one big gathering.” Hamja Ahsan, DIY Cultures Co-Curator

Come and browse over 50 exhibitors' stalls and buy original publications direct from the artists. If you make your own zine you can bring some copies on the day to sell at our free communal table.

Exhibitors include:
Decadence, Magpie Magazine, Kirsty Fife, Sky Nash, Gareth Brookes, Fliss and Jack, Joe Besford, Dancing Eye, Reena Makwana, Aspidistra Magazine, Lucy Porter, Peter Willis, SW Zines, Cinnamon Buns, Extra Bones, Elbow Room, Girls Get Busy, Crumb Cabin, 10x10, Feral University, Mia Julia Eley, John Trouble, Victoria Grantham, Hanecdote, Project Babe, Group Q, Cool Schmool Zines, Heather Bandenburg, Melon Shrub, Other Asias, Ben Rider, OOMK, Things in Panels, Walrus Zines, Florence Shaw, Ghostwood Press, Rachael Nilsson, Rianna Cox, Sarah Tea-Rex, DIY Couture, Hannah Prebble, Monster Emporium Press, Aloevera Studio, 20x20 Magazine, Avery Hill Publishing, Saban Kazim, Sister Ectoplasma Distro, Feminist Library, Vampire Sushi Distro, Strike! Magazine, Francesca Tuttolani, Peter Lally, Hannah Prebble, Misanthropynska, I am Hip Hop Magazine, Numbi/Scarf, Belly Kids.