Saturday, 24 May 2014

#22 things I want to do...

...before moving to Lahore...
  1. Re-establish my relationship with God
  2. Save 20 grand 
  3. Go inter-railing around Europe alone 
  4. Undertake a course in project management
  5. Complete London guidebook/ anthology
  6. Improve on my Urdu and Punjabi 
  7. Visit my brother in America
  8. Visit my brother in Australia 
  9. Develop all the skills I can in order to set up a centre for street kids
  10. Start researching and building networks with charitable organisations in Lahore (community/ environmental and youth orgs)
  11. Take dad on trip to Cordoba
  12. Memorize Juz Amma and take up tajweed classes again
  13. Archive photos and set up a photography website
  14. Start up the rambling society again
  15. Make a start on that book
  16. Work really hard at my job
  17. Complete at least 5 long distance walks
  18. Learn how to become self-sufficient
  19. Learn how not to spend so much time on the streets
  20. Make a high quality documentary film (so I can make a load in Lahore)
  21. Publish a 3rd volume of original poems.
  22. Learn basic Arabic