Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mayville Red Pitch Ribbon Cutting

I went along to this event a couple days ago. It was incredible to see one of Groundwork's completed projects; a red pitch in the Mayville Estate for local kids to use. I took the below pictures of the Mayor of Islington, MP Jeremy Corbyn, local community don Jess and councillor Joe Caluori. (more pictures here

Mayville Community Centre is one of the most wonderful community centres I've ever been too-- everything about it was magic; the gold light streaming in, the elderly people of all colours enjoying lunch together, the laughter and simplicity- truly a humbling experience to witness! 

Work has been really surreal this week, it's taken me to the strangest places (some more familiar than others); South Kilburn Studios, Smugglers Way, Mayville-- North and South, I've crossed paths with people I've known in a whole new and different context and time: I always used to go to stop the war talks (years and years ago) I would often hear Jeremy Corbyn speak. I would see George from the studios, flit around a stranger, and now here working on a project with him. And rubbish... colourful rubbish in smugglers way-- let's just say: there's history there too. Anyway, interesting to see where life goes from here....(as ever)