Friday, 13 September 2013

West W(a)/onders

'We had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life' - Kerouac

So I must admit it's been pretty hard adjusting to the work move West. In the last few months I've really missed Tottenham Court Road, I've missed my short commutes, my long walks, I've missed bumming around, listening to the buskers, I've missed people watching and wandering by the river everyday. I've missed hanging out with my mates all the time in the centre of London. 

Though more often than not I've found myself getting off at St Pauls station on the way back south to walk and hang out. And you know what, despite the 1 1/2 hour commutes both ways, I've sort of almost been sticking to my How to Survive the 9-5 list. I've been making the most of early mornings and late nights and every day has been an adventure! 

And I have to say lately Hanger Lane, or more accurately West London has started to grow on me! Over the last few months I've hung out in Wembley, Alperton, Shepherds Bush, Ickenham, West Ruislip and Ealing. I've visited local mosques and seen some really beautiful temples (and I thought Neasdon was magnificent looking!)

I've also discovered some beautiful new green spaces too and walks along the grand union canal and the capital ring.

Most importantly though, I've been able to spend some real (and worthwhile) time with an old friend who lives in the area. All in all- it's definitely been an experience, that being said.... I'm really looking forward to moving on and away very soon...