Saturday, 28 September 2013

Remittances: Help Save Somalia's Lifelife

SRDF's been working really hard to spread awareness and campaign in support of Somalia communities on the ground who rely on funds sent through money service transfers to meet their basic human needs. On Friday 27th May, a number of representatives of various Somali groups came together outside DFID wherein an important meeting was held on the remittances. Following the meeting it was made clear by a representative from SOMSA that Barclays would not be reconsidering its decision. More than 40% of the Somali population will be affected by this decision, further there is a very real risk that the country will fall prey to another humanitarian crisis. I've drafted a couple of press releases on this issue; have a read and learn more about the remittance issue and what SRDF has been doing to make sure the Somali voice is heard: Press Release I & Press Release II

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