Friday, 22 March 2013

More Stalls This Way!

I took this photo in tooting market today..I really love tooting market, it's my favourite market in the whole of London. Years and years back when my aunt used to live in England, she worked at a stationary stall in the Broadway market, and I remember as a kid I spent a lot of time keeping her company, playing with the animals in the pet shop, making friends, eating popcorn and dinky donuts, mucking around with the water taps... generally causing trouble!

Sadly now a lot of my most loved places in the market have either disappeared or changed, and sadly I think the spirit of the market is changing too (like a lot of other London markets!)... I really hope they don't gentrify our special markets any more, we like them the way they are- colourful, a bit scrappy and rough around the edges!