Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Between a Reverie and a Hard Place

Hi Guys,
I've put together some of the short stories I've written over the last few months and self published a small book, 'Between a Reverie and a Hard Place.' You can read it online for free or order a hard copy from for £2.32 (non-profit) :-) I'm hoping to put together a book of poems within the next few weeks too before starting work on a new book project entitled '-a hundred hues of beautiful'.

Between a Reverie and a Hard Place

...a collection of quirky and poignant short stories told by a number of interesting, if not slight deranged, city dwellers.

'So there I was swaying from side to side in a sea of people; faceless, nameless people and then someone must have pushed  me. I'm not talking a gentle push, I'm talking one great big violent mammoth push. Actually it must have been a whole crowd of people. Anyway I felt something go through me. I didn't feel it, because somehow I stopped feeling a long time ago, remember that depersonalisation stuff I was telling you about? I didn't feel it, but I sensed it. Something was wrong, and then I looked down. I looked down in horror (I think it was horror) at the metal hook protruding from my stomach...'

'It's that sublime satisfaction I receive; lucid and transitory, of being out the system- your system. Your system of not jumping- of taking strides, walking, maybe running. You're system doesn't allow for you to hop or leap or fart or jump. I do all of these. I take great pleasure from doing all of these. I am a jumper. I jump higher every time....'