Saturday, 27 October 2012

First Day on the Job

So after completing a week of training, I officially started working at the Natural History Museum today. It was mad- but a good mad! I think I must have seen a hundred thousand people today from all different parts of the globe! The Museum is a really fascinating place to work, so far I've had a chance to explore some of the different galleries. I've also met some very interesting characters! This week I'll be working in a few different shops including the Dino Shop, the Earth Shop, the Wildlife Photography shop and the Museum shop.

I took this picture of the NHM logo on my new uniform shirt. I've just realised that I still have clothes to return from the last four jobs I've had! I'm thinking of sewing them all together to make some kind of mural/ collage... sort of to remind me of all the places I've been...

Anyway, I'm planning on going to Aylesbury tomorrow for a few days to stay with a friend. Hoping to explore the Chilterns, or maybe go for a walk along the Grand Union Canal while I'm up there- who knows! Have a great weekend!