Friday, 26 October 2012

A Lonely Eid

It's Eid today
Why are you so far away? 
A lonely Eid, 
For you, for me
why are you still there, 
when you should be here
The days have been hard, 
I know- you've got a lot to fear. 
But I'm still here. 
I'm here- for you, for me, 
for good. 
Stay strong- 
for the days are long- 
and cold and sad.
You know you're the best friend I ever had. 
These last few years have been rough. 
And Lord knows, we've been though enough. 
But stay strong. 
My truest blad, my fam. 
I really miss you Ham. 
I'm sorry I haven't been there
But you know how much I care. 
My dear, 
you say you're sinking
And I've been doing some thinking
And I think you should come home. 
So that we can roam 
like the old days
through forests and streets
and by them dodgy creeks
Drive around and around
to nowhere to anywhere
like we do
like Thelma and Lou
like maniacs -so true. 
Tooting misses you.