Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Palace, Elephant & Castle

I went along to the Palace Bingo Hall in Elephant and Castle after work the other day. The Palace is one of the UK's biggest bingo halls. I had to become a member to get in, but it was worth the hassle to stumble upon this secret inimitable world- the 70's neon lights, interesting characters, the african girl at the till named joyce in a penguin suit who shared my birthday, the strange roof top ledge at sunset, with old people with wrinkles and top hats and baseball caps, laughing, dark, neon, happy. the colours. the manager, a gangster, cockney guy with sideburns who looks like he belongs in an old faded film, he looks like of the cray twins, she said, and the patterns on the floor, the queues for the world food counter at the canteen- noodles, plantain, chicken... I wasn't allowed to take photos but I did anyway, I get in trouble everywhere I go :-/ nevermind :-) & crepes at mamuska like old times. I love the elephant, though it is a sad shopping centre..


the lengths I go to :-/