Saturday, 28 June 2014

Discovering the Iraqi Maqam on the Oud

My friend Samra invited me along to this musical event at St Ethelburga's the other night. The performances were lovely and I was glad to have finally gotten the chance to visit the centre! More info on the event below (taken from the Taqasim Music School website)

In the hidden serenity of St Ethelburga’s in Shoreditch, this celebration of the Iraqi Maqam and the ‘new’ Iraqi school of solo oud playing it has inspired will be presented by oud master Ahmed Mukhtar and members of his Taqasim Music School. After a short presentation on the history and inner workings of the Iraqi Maqam with demonstrations on the oud, Ahmed, Francesco Iannuzzelli and Julian Harris, accompanied by a small ensemble, will perform a selection of extracts, improvisations and songs from the Iraqi Maqam repertoire offering a unique and accessible introduction to this beautiful musical tradition.

With Ahmed Mukhtar, Julian Harris, Francesco Iannuzzelli on Oud, accompanied by Lucile Belliveau (double-bass), Julia Ana Katarina (cello) and Elizabeth Nott (percussions)


...also fascinating programme on Bedouin Music: The Bedouin: World Routes in Jordan