Sunday, 16 March 2014

Moon over the Quarry

I'd been meaning to visit my mate Tanya, who lives on the border of Denham Country Park for aaaaagesss. Yesterday I finally made it up and we spent a beautiful day together. After hanging about at her place for a while we packed our rucksacks with snack and drinks and set out on a hike! We crossed Uxbridge Golf Course, wandered pass Denham Quarry and followed the path all the way down to Harefield Marina. When we got to the Marina we wandered around admiring all sorts of oddities; colourful broken boats with oddball names, decapitated stone heads, old motorbikes and plastic butterflies and happy yellow daffodils. After exploring, we sat on a rickety bench in the gold evening shine and had a picnic....

Later we headed back via the Grand Union Canal. As we walked we watched the sunset against a myriad of bogs and wetlands and lakes. On one side the pink sky gleamed neon and on the other the silver moon shined wildly--- pure magic. We made it back to the top of Uxbridge Golf course before dark, we sat on the prim grass legs stretched out in front of us and admired what was left of the sunset sky- a hundred hues of beautiful... soon the stars appeared and we made out way back to Tanya's place... another perfect Saturday.