Wednesday, 1 January 2014

East Reservoir

I went back to East Reservoir, as beautiful as ever though it was a shame the community garden wasn't open! Being in Manor House brought back a lot memories...from travelling around in a van to different housing estates and community bird watching from the hide....cups of sugary tea.... and an old Turkish man who worked at the local greasy spoon cafe....he always had ketchup on his face...

Sadly many of the local greasy spoons, cafes and newsagents have been demolished for the Woodberry Park luxury housing project... the places I used to hang out had vanished--- where they ever really there?  I wonder what will become of our city with all this destruction and reconstruction... generations displaced for make----room for who exactly?

I just hope that old Turkish man is still smiling some place (maybe without ketchup on his face).

find out more about east reservoir here.

 ....woodberry park, where the cafes and newsagents used to be....


east res in summer, east res this winter