Tuesday, 12 November 2013

In the Absence of the Sacred

'...stone-age societies had more than twice the amount of leisure time we do today, which they used to pursue spiritual matters, personal relationships, and pleasure.'

'In our society, speed is celebrated as if it were a virtue in itself. And yet as far as most human beings are concerned, the acceleration of the information cycle has only inundated us with an unprecedented amount of data, most of which is unusable in any practical sense. The true result has been an increase in human anxiety, as we try to keep up with the the growing stream of information. Our nervous systems experience the acceleration more than our intellects do...'

I'm re-reading this book; In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology and the Survival of Indian Nations by Jerry Mander. It's one the the best books I've ever read, and has really made me think about technology in a different way. I would def recommend it. Here's an excerpt from an old poem I wrote: 'man versus machine' together with a random, but not completely random picture.

Stumbled across this mystic shop in Tooting Market
...and in the absence of the sacred
you can make it/ by remaining aloof,
let loose, unplug,
to remove yourself from the system
and to find your own wisdom
from above or within
is to win, in this war
between man and machine:
to be free; to see