Saturday, 4 May 2013

Somalia: A Different Perspective

If any of you get the chance, def check out this exhibition on at SOAS next week, fortunately I got a chance to have a preview at SRDF's and the Royal African Society's 'Somali Talks' event today. The photo's by the incredibly talented Petterik Wiggers are beautiful! ...for some reason they take me back to stargazing in Lahore... More info below 

After two decades of war, Somalia adopted a new constitution in August 2012 amid renewed hopes for the return of lasting peace.  Hope is an  extraordinarily powerful force. A lot of attention is paid to the conflict and disasters in Somalia, but little light is shed on the other side of this beautiful country and its people. Somalia has a rich history and culture, filled with poetry and literature and it has remained true to this through the years.  The Somali people still have a clear sight of their dreams. They carry with them innovation, entrepreneurship, resilience and strength, just like people anywhere else on earth.

This exhibition will show a side of Somalia different from what is has been and continues to be portrayed. Through these pictures, we hope to provide an intimate glimpse at Somali life.