Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dino Shop Diaries

Day 12

So today, when it was quiet, I closed the glass doors and I emptied a thousand bottles of water out onto the floor. The water rose higher and higher until my ankles was covered. I then placed a tiny T-Rex on a wooden raft and watched him float around and around in circles. 

Day 17

All in all, a good day, I'd say. I unpacked all the excavation kits, all seventy nine of them and with the sandy mud, I made a great big pile right there in the middle of the shop floor. And then, get this, from nowhere an egg appeared! A real egg! I'm waiting for it to hatch. I'm sure it won't be very long, before it hatches.

Day 21

One of the dino pincher's started growing today, at a lightning speed! It's head just grew and grew and grew. Out of curiosity (or perhaps sheer idiocy) I stuck my head inside it's mouth, his razor sharp teeth snapped around my neck! I must have died right there!

Day 23

My neck is still hurting. It's a miracle I survived that little accident. I shan't be doing anything so silly again...

Day 26

It was a slow day. I began to feel very drowsy all of a sudden and so I spread all the soft stretchy dino's out onto the floor and took a nap! It sure beat sleeping on my hard mattress at home. As I lay there, the ceiling disappeared and the stars appeared. It was just delightful. Best. Nap. Ever. 

Day 35

Everyone seemed to be communicating in roars today. ROOOOOOOOOOOAAAAR!!!!! ROAR!! RAAAAAAAOR!! I didn't understand a thing. A hundred and ten different dialects of roar! Blimey! My ears are still ringing!

Day 42

Little Timmy paid for his projector using five hundred penny coins. It was past midnight when he finally finished counting them. By then everyone had left, even his parents.

Day 63

The pterosaurs gliders came to life this afternoon. They caused utter mayhem, flitting around the whole shop, biting at noses and scratching at heads. The people went crazy, babies cried, the children tried to chase them, they sure looked like they were having a good time, the gliders and the kids, that is...

Day 87

Baby Peter took a dump on the shop floor today, it was bright pink and quite smelly, just like  Stegosaurus droppings. Completely gross, of course. 

Day 121

I rode out on a triceratops today, the plush one, it came to life and it was ten times its size. I jumped on and he rode on out of the Museum, straight down to Hyde Park. He stopped off at the fountains for a drink and then we continued on towards the sea.

Last I heard, I'm in big trouble...