Friday, 11 May 2012

Conversations with Mad Clarity

So I came up with this idea yesterday for a new book I want to write. It's going to be about this deeply troubled and very unpredictable philosopher type called Mad Clarity and the conversations he shares with objects and plants and animals and people. Some of his conversations are incredibly meaningful and deep while others completely absurd and ridiculous- though each has a purpose and an outcome. 

Mr Clarity, whilst on a mission to gain a greater understanding on life and his place in the scheme of all things, is also determined to 'awaken' humankind by engaging with people and asking simple questions which either provoke individuals to look inwards and to reflect or to take the easy way out and brand him a madman. 

In this book I'd really like to explore concepts like madness, being, consciousness and belief. I started writing some notes last night and ended up nearly filling my book with bits of dialogue and ideas and brainstorms on things like kodak batteries, alternate time-lines, plastic eggs and reptilian shape-shifters. I also dug up a whole load of books including the Buddhist Bible, the Imitation of Christ and the Purification of the Soul which I think might be very useful! I'm really interested to see where this goes. 

I've always written for myself, mainly because I love writing. I love creating new worlds and exploring and living in them through different characters. I def think that writing can be an incredibly enlightening process and offer a whole load of new insights and new depths into everyday life. With every book and short story I've written, I've always come away having learned something new. I've got a feeling this project will take me to some very interesting (and maybe even dark) places! Anyway as ever -it would be great to hear your thoughts on it, if you've got any!